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Wednesday 16th October 2019
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4 Oct 2019

Jamie Bond Needed Our Help

To rousing 007 music, Jamie Bond made a plea to Willow Class to help him catch the baddies.

Last time his nemisis escaped across a frozen pond. Bond was left like an ice-skating duck, slipping and sliding all over the place! So Bond asked Willow Class to find the grippiest surface for him to run on.

The children used Newton metres to measure the force of pulling a trainer across different surfaces. The higher the Newton reading, the gripper the surface. The children ensured their investigations were a fair test too.

They tested carpet, vinyl, wood, grass, concrete and astroturf. The children used different shoes so their results differed, but in general the wood and vinyl were the slippiest and the grass and carpet were the grippiest.

So Bond needs to ensure that he captures the baddies, either on grass or on carpet!

  • Jamie Bond Needed Our Help

  • Jamie Bond Needed Our Help

  • Jamie Bond Needed Our Help