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Wednesday 16th October 2019
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5 Jul 2019

Key Stage 2 had a BLAST - literally!

On Thursday 4th July, the whole of Key Stage 2 went on a school trip to the Broadway Theatre in Letchworth to see the 'Ministry of Science' live stage show.

It promised a lot! 100% educational, 200% entertainment, 300% explosive and 400% fun. They didn't lie - it was amazing!

It was all about forces; light, sound, heat, kinetic, electrical and chemical.

They demonstrated how potential energy can be transferred, how shadows can be captured, how methane gas is flammable. We saw, first-hand, how tornados form, how liquid nitrogen freezes stuff, how hovercrafts work and of course how to make huge explosions!

They children had a great time! Thank you to all staff and helpers who attended and made the day an absolute pleasure.