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Tuesday 23rd April 2019
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15 Mar 2018

British Science Week Waste and Recycling Assembly

As part of British Science Week, today's assembly was hosted by Monika from Amey and focused on waste and recycling.

Monika presented lots of information on how to reduce the amount of waste we produce, how to reuse some of it and most importantly how to recycle!

By showing us lots of examples, Monika explained how some plastics can be recycled and others can't. We looked at the difference between steel and aluminium and dicussed the benefits of recycling glass. 

The children asked and answered lots of sensible questions.

Part of the assembly was to showcase items that can be made from materials that are due to be disposed of. They could be great junk modelling activities to undertake at home. Take a look and perhaps start collecting items for a rainy Easter holiday afternoon. 

  • Monika opening the assembly talking about landfill.

  • Desk tidy

  • More ways to keep tidy.

  • Decoupaging the top of a mile bottle looks so effective

  • Pen pots or puppets

  • Egg box mobile

  • Kitchen roll insects.