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Tuesday 23rd April 2019
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23 Feb 2018

A group of Year 6 Writers met a local author

A small group of lucky Year 6 children had a fantastic opportunity to listen to a talk and take part in a workshop by Zoe Filbigg - a local author who has achieved great success with her book: the Note.

Zoe told the children all about the inspiration for her book and her career to date.  She then discussed story writing techniques and how she gets her ideas.

The children then had 10 minutes to write the opening to a story of their choice - it could be about anything.  Have a read of what they achieved in such a short time.  Authors of the future.

  • Starting to write

  • Discussing ideas with Zoe

  • A helping hand from Zoe

  • The Mysterious Man

  • Gone

  • The Hand