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Friday 15th February 2019
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16 Jan 2018

Willow go Viking!

On Tuesday 16th January, Willow Class enjoyed a workshop packed full of Viking facts, stories and activities all led by our very own 'Viking' from 'Portals to the Past'. 

The children all looked fantastic in their Viking outfits which really helped them get into character for the day. 

Below are some quotes from the children about their experience:

'I really liked the Viking drills and spear fighting.' - Ezinna

'I liked looking at the artefacts; especially the cup made out of a horn.'  - Rana

'I couldn't believe how heavy the chain mail was!' - Bryony

'We liked all the weapons; sword, shield, knife, axe, spear, and arrows.' - Robert and Aaron

'The games and acting were fun,' - Maddie

'It was really enjoyable and fun.  I especially liked the quiz.' - Callum

'Our Viking was a really good actor.' - Dan

'I enjoyed learning about how the vikings conquered all the different countries.' - Isobel

'Best workshop ever!' - Manasvi 

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Meet the Vikings

  • Fox and geese - a Viking board game

  • Learning about all the different places the Vikings sailed to.

  • The Viking quiz

  • The chain mail was heavier than we first thought!

  • Who is the strongest? We all had a go at this viking children's game.

  • Acting out a Viking myth about the end of the world.

  • This is the bit where everyone has to 'die' dramatically. I have to say that there was a little bit of over-acting going on!

  • Viking weaponry

  • Everyone got to hold the sword

  • Swords were very important to the Viking Warrior

  • Who will win here?