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Monday 17th December 2018
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15 Nov 2017

Our visit to Mill Green Museum

On Wednesday 15th November, Hazel and Pine class travelled to Welwyn on a 70 seater coach to learn more about The Great Fire of London. 

Each class was split into 3 groups and rotated round 6 different activities. We used a construction kit to learn how cogs can make things move and rotate, had a tour of the mill and time to dress up in old fashioned clothing. 

After lunch, we went to the upstairs classroom to handle artefacts and decide what we would rescue from the fire, label paintings with descriptive words and sort pictures of old and new fire equipment. We all got to make a cottage loaf roll in the kitchen and take it home.

We had a really great day out!

  • Playing with cogs...

  • ...to see what moves when the handle is turned.

  • Learning how the millstone grinds the flour

  • Dressing up as millers of days gone by...

  • Mill girls

  • Lunchtime!

  • Alfresco dining!

  • A birthday to remember...

  • In the upstairs classroom...

  • Looking at paintings

  • Sorting old and new fire equipment

  • A leather bucket and a leather helmet

  • Labelling...

  • Describing the scene...

  • Handling artefacts

  • What would you save from your house?

  • Clothes and essentials for the journey

  • Learning how to make bread - 17th century style

  • Ready, set, bake!

  • Kneading the dough...