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Tuesday 16th October 2018
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8 Nov 2017

121 Shoeboxes - Wow!!

Thank you to everyone who brought a Christmas Shoebox into school last week. We had a total of 121.

Last Thursday Rev Andrew Henton Pusey came into school to collect the shoeboxes and was delighted with the number of boxes.

The Christmas Shoeboxes have now been collected and have gone to Walsworth Baptist Church to be sorted. They are then collected and taken to Link for Hope warehouses ready for transporting to different areas of eastern Europe. Most of our boxes will go to Syria.

For some of the people and families receiving our shoeboxes, this will be the only present they receive, so Thank You to all of you if you brought a shoebox in.

  • Shoeboxes going into the car!

  • We had a Y6 chain across the carpark!

  • We counted them into the car!

  • It was quite a long route!

  • We spread out across the dining room!

  • There was a lot of passing of boxes!

  • Getting towards the end!

  • 121 Boxes!