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Monday 17th December 2018
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11 Oct 2017

Eureka! Willow Class in the Lab

Willow Class had a great time today exploring forces at a science workshop at The Princess Helena College.  Before going into the lab, we were all given white lab coats to protect our clothing and (more importantly) so that we looked the part!

The science teacher at PHC began by finding out how much the class already knew about forces. The children certainly knew their stuff and used lots of scientific vocabulary to explain their ideas.  For the rest of the morning, the class took part in lots of different experiments to explore forces.  The children really enjoyed this hands-on experience.   

  • Exploring the squashy ball in a net

  • Taking aim!

  • Pulling

  • Predicting how many Newtons the tub might weigh

  • More predicting

  • Exploring friction

  • This one took ages to fall!

  • Falling parachutes

  • Scientists in the making

  • which will fall fastest?

  • We think that this cone is still falling!

  • squeeze that ball!

  • Pulls