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Friday 15th February 2019
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4 Oct 2017

Cherry and Chestnut Class visit IWM Duxford

On Friday 29th September, Cherry and Chestnut Class visited IWM Duxford as part of their history work on 'Britain Since 1930'.

We had a great day learning all about life for people during World War Two from the Battle of Britain, to The Blitz, to The D-Day Landings. There was so much for us to see that it was hard to get around everything!

Some of us also had the opportunity to board concorde and learn all about its history.

The highlight for most of us though was being able to see many of the old planes take flight - including a Spitfire!

  • We loved seeing all the old planes.

  • They came right past us before heading out to the airfield.

  • watching the planes take off was our favourite part.

  • We couldn't believe how lucky we were to see so many different planes.

  • There was so much for us to see and interact with.

  • We heard stories from people who lived through the war.

  • There was a whole section dedicated to life in Duxford during the war.

  • There was a lot to cover as you can see from the map!

  • We were able to look inside a genuine prefab and compare it to our own homes.

  • We were in awe of the size of some of the planes we saw.