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Monday 17th December 2018
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29 Sep 2017

Willow's Wonderful World

The annual William Ransom Festival of Languages was enjoyed by Willow Class as they travelled the world and learned lots of new languages and facts.

From the Punjab to Spain, via Italy, South Africa and Serbia - what a day!

The class danced, sang and a favourite...ate lots of yummy food.

The children found out about each countries famous landmarks and how to say greetings. Some were easier than others: ciao, ciao ciao!

South African milk tart was the classes favourite, closely followed by Indian Samosa. Brave children also tasted the pongy gorgonozola and pungent South African biltong!

Thank you for all the wonderful and generous volunteers for our fabulous day.


  • Bangra-tastic!

  • Bop those shoulders!

  • Put your hands in the air...

  • Yummy South African pancake

  • South African dried sausage

  • Maize crisps from South Africa

  • Cheer up - you got the South African chocolate biscuit!

  • The South African milk tart was so nice!

  • Biltong (dried meat) from South Africa. A brave taste tester!