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Monday 17th December 2018
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22 Sep 2017

Welcome to the new Reception children!!

It has been great to finally have all of the new Reception children in class this week.
The children have settled well to new routines and we have been pleasantly surprised with how calmly the children have been coming in every day. There may be more tears next week when they all begin to do full days and the tiredness sets in (maybe also from the teachers ha!) but we are very proud of how well they have been coping. 

In Maths the children have visited Numberland where they have met the naughty pixie Hodgey Podgey, the good fairy Forgetmenot, and the numbers 1 and 2. We have focussed a lot on writing these numbers as well as counting and shape activities. In literacy, the children have been practising writing their name, drawing pictures of their family members and completing activities related to the Harry and the Dinosaurs books by Ian Whybrow. 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the children are well rested for another busy week!

  • Making friends

  • Getting messy!

  • Getting messy!

  • Getting to know you games

  • Working together to find our way around our new classroom

  • Working hard!

  • Salt dough!

  • Practising our cutting skills making number 1 crowns

  • Good cutting

  • Learning to use the computers

  • Recognise us?

  • Recognise us?

  • Playtime!

  • Practising writing number 2 in the sand

  • Lovely number 2s!