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Monday 17th December 2018
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21 Sep 2017

Science - Down to Earth!

Today Willow class was trying to defy gravity and make a parachute which could harness air resistance and fall to earth the slowly.

Each group made three parachutes, changing just one variable to test the affect of air resistance.

The variables were: different materials, different size canopies, different weighted objects, different lengths of string and different shapes.

Of course it was loads of fun making the parachutes, but we also learnt lots. We discovered that the largest parachute was the slowest; a supple parachute (plastic) that could capture the air was better than a rigid material, like paper. The experiment also showed that the lightest object fell the slowest and the longest strings helped to capture more air in the canopy. The best shape was that with the largest surface area, in this instance a triangle.

A great way to experience the opposing forces of gravity and air resistance.

  • Measuring carefully to ensure that only one variable changed.

  • Cutting the plastic parachute.

  • Utilising the materials to make the parachutes.

  • Testing out the parachutes (think we need to grow a little!)

  • The many different shapes and sizes.

  • Making sure the string measures up.

  • Good teamwork.

  • 3,2,1...drop!