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Sunday 26th May 2019
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7 Jul 2017

William Ransom Race for Life!

Yesterday, the School Council members and Orbit team organised the very first William Ransom Race for Life event, and it was a roaring success!

We were keen to hold a Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research UK, in memory of Tracy Ryan, a well-loved pupil, parent and governor of the school. Pupils on the School Council and members of the Orbit team held an assembly to talk to the school about cancer and the important work of Cancer Research UK. They put forward their plans for the day. Having listened to the assembly, some wonderful Year 2 girls organised and held a cake sale in their own time, raising over £100 to be shared between Cancer Research UK and WaterAid.

Yesterday, we were delighted to be joined at our Race for Life by Spencer and Harrison Ryan, two of Tracy Ryan’s sons, also former pupils of the school. They ran, supported and awarded the medals at the end of the race. We were also lucky enough to have Maggie and Sally who offered to do a warm up with each year group in turn. The children (and staff) really enjoyed this and we are so grateful to them for their time.

Starting with Year 6, each group warmed up, before setting off running or walking round the field. Three laps of the field added up to 1km, but the children were allowed to do more if they wished, and many of them did. The atmosphere was amazing – all the children were supporting each other and really enjoying the event.

After school, the cakes on sale disappeared quickly to make yet more money.

The total amount raised was, staggeringly, about £700. It is looking very likely that this will, in turn, be match-funded. This is an absolutely amazing achievement and huge thanks goes to every parent who baked cakes, bought cakes or sent a donation in with their child. Your children were, in turn, brilliant!

  • The lull before the storm

  • Year 6 warm up!

  • And they're off...

  • Starting off

  • Friends sticking together

  • Mrs Mitchell gives them a run for their money

  • Getting a well-deserved medal

  • Year 5 warm up

  • Going strong

  • Everyone got involved!

  • Keep going ladies!

  • Reasons to run

  • "I'll take you on!"

  • Even the DJs got involved

  • Y4 and Y3 are off

  • Good running!

  • Backsigns

  • Getting into the spirit with the warm up

  • Year 2 warming up

  • Off they go

  • Good start!

  • Year 2 going strong

  • The Ryans and our wonderful warm up ladies

  • Y1 warming up

  • Determination!

  • Go Y1!

  • Well-deserved medals

  • It was a lot of fun

  • The Reception children's chance to warm up.

  • Nearly ready to go...

  • Feeling energetic?

  • On your marks...

  • A strong start

  • Great running

  • Everyone taking it at their own pace

  • Doing well

  • Spencer and Harrison handing out the medals

  • Well done!

  • Lots of people had a reason to run

  • More reasons to run