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Tuesday 19th June 2018
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6 Jul 2017

Maple Class at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Today, Maple class visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to support both their History and Art learning.  We started the day with a very interesting talk from the museum teacher who introduced the Ancient Egyptian galleries to the children.  She was most impressed with how much the children already knew!

We then had the opportunity to explore the galleries further.  The children used booklets to guide them and to help them think about what daily life might have been like for person living in those times. 

As Fitzwilliam Museum also houses many wonderful pieces of art, the children also were able to make links to their learning in Art this term.  We found paintings by Picasso, Barbara Hepworth sculptures and, of course, Henry Moore.



  • At the foot of Ramses

  • Finding the gods and goddesses

  • Matching the number with the information - no mean feat!

  • Working hard

  • On a fact-finding mission

  • Great research skills

  • Apparently this sarcophagus weighs the same as one and half elephants

  • No children were harmed in this 'Mummy' demonstration

  • Playing in front of 'Henry Moore'

  • Enjoying the sunshine outside the museum

  • Such a lovely place to play

  • Our final trip photo in Maple Class