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Monday 17th December 2018
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28 Mar 2017

The Great William Ransom Bake Off!

We have many different Interhouse competitions across the school and now we have introduced an Interhouse Bake Off!

The school council approached us earlier in the year with the idea of trying to organise a Bake Off and Mrs Mills and Mrs Halliwell worked out a way we could make it work.

Two members each house at year 5 & 6 were provided with the same ingredients and time after school to make 6 fairy cakes. The following day they chose a year 3 or 4  from their house to help them decorate the fairy cakes.

Mrs Driver and Miss Ayliffe then judged the cakes in assembly that afternoon! The cakes were anonymous and we judged on their texture, their flavour and their presentation.

It was a great activity for the bakers to get involved in, Mrs Halliwell and Mrs Mills were impressed with the baking skills and it was quite challenging decorating all six cakes during Open Morning with a lot of parents watching. The winning pair were Mathilda and Isobel on behalf of Jupiter.

Mrs Driver was very impressed with the baking skills of all 8 bakers; she said she would not have been able to produce 6 even sized cakes with no soggy bottoms!

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to Mrs Mills and Mrs Halliwell for their hard work.

  • Let's start the baking!

  • Mixing well!

  • Checking the measurements!

  • Hard at work!

  • Almost ready with the mixing!

  • In control!

  • Mrs Halliwell isn't really helping!

  • The mixture looks great!

  • Now for the decorating!

  • Discussing the designs!

  • Planning the design!

  • Working in the dark!

  • We're all organised!

  • Checking what each other is thinking!

  • Final plans!

  • Careful work done here!

  • The design coming to life!

  • Careful work here!

  • Plate 1

  • Plate 2

  • Plate 3

  • Plate 4

  • Plate 5

  • Plate 6

  • Plate 7

  • Plate 7

  • Plate 8

  • Judging begins!

  • Just checking for soggy bottoms!

  • Proud bakers!

  • They had a great time!

  • Proud of their efforts!

  • They had great fun!

  • Proud of what they had achieved!

  • Mmmm! They look scrummy!

  • A sense of achievement!

  • The winners from Jupiter!