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Wednesday 21st November 2018
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'The William Ransom School aims to provide all its pupils with the highest possible educational opportunities. We believe that the best education is the entitlement of every child and this is realised at this School within a structured, disciplined, caring and safe environment where expectations are high.'

31 Aug 2017

Find out who is who on the staff of the school

Welcome to everyone who works in school:

Head Teacher: Mrs M Driver

Oak - Reception: Mrs A Light

Ash - Reception: Miss S Barnett

Hazel - Year 1: Mrs G Mackilligan

Pine - Year 1: Mr P Maranian

Cedar - Year 2: Miss E Vivian

Holly -  Mrs E Thorn

Maple - Year 3: Miss S Hallahan

Beech - Year 3 and Year 4: Miss L Eldridge and Mrs L Mitchell

Willow - Year 4 and Year 5: Mrs F Waite and Mrs J Burr

Chestnut - Year 5 and Year 6: Mrs V Wheat and Mrs J Hall

Cherry - Year 5 and Year 6: Miss S Ayliffe (Deputy Head) and Mrs L Mitchell

SENCo: Mrs D Delaney

Languages Teacher: Mrs J Hall

Support Teacher: Mrs L Tite

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Bassindale, Mrs Buckingham, Mrs Butler, Mrs Davis Plummer, Mrs Denmark, Mrs Faulkner, Mrs F. Halliwell, Mrs Kitchen, Mrs M Mills, Mrs Moriarty Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Thomas Mrs Thorn, Miss Vivian, Mrs W Wagstaffe Mrs Webb, Mrs Wells

Office Manager: Mrs K Massey

School Secretary: Mrs A Hopcraft

Premises Manager: Mr P Carmody
Assistant Caretaker: Mr W Philipson

Catering Manager:
Mrs H Matthews

  • Mrs Driver

  • Miss Ayliffe

  • Mrs Light

  • Miss Barnett

  • Mrs Mackilligan

  • Mr Maranian

  • Miss E Vivian

  • Mrs Waite

  • Mrs Lowe

  • Mrs L Thomas

  • Mrs Burr

  • Miss Eldridge

  • Mrs Hall

  • Mrs Mitchell

  • Mrs Wheat

  • Mrs Delaney

  • Mrs Tite

  • Mrs Bassindale

  • Mrs Buckingham

  • Mrs Butler

  • Mrs Davis Plummer

  • Mrs Faulkner

  • Mrs Halliwell

  • Mrs Kitchen

  • Mrs Mills

  • Ms Morgan

  • Mrs Moriarty

  • Mrs Stephenson

  • Mrs A Thomas

  • Mrs Thorn

  • Miss C Vivian

  • Mrs Wagstaffe

  • Mrs Webb

  • Mrs Wells

  • Mrs Hopcraft

  • Mr Burrows

  • Mr Philipson

  • Mrs Matthews

  • Mr Seers

  • Mrs Massey