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Friday 15th February 2019
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3 Nov 2016

A double win!

Well done to both our teams for their win at Offley on Wednesday evening. Despite chilly conditions, both teams worked together to secure their wins!

The A team moved the ball well even though some struggled to find space due to tight marking from the opposition. With the evenings becoming darker much earlier, our game was limited to two halves, however the A team remained focused and ended with a win of 6-4. Bethia proved her accuracy when shooting, helping to score the majority of our goals in the second half. The game was fast with some excellent play from all.

Our B team also had a super game, winning 7-1 across two halves. Play was fast however, due to the cold, our passing wasn’t as accurate as it could have been. This didn’t stop us from getting the ball under the post though, allowing us to see Isla score a large number of the goals in the first half. With no boys available for the B team, the girls had to work hard to secure possession of the ball. Everyone tried to find space and make their passes direct in the second half, resulting in more goals and a super winning score.

Well done everyone!