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Friday 26th April 2019
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10 Sep 2016

End of week one and everything is starting to feel a little more normal

So we have made it to the end of the first week in our new building and our newly refurbished school!

By Wednesday, I for one was glad to see the children returning so that we could see what the school looked like with children in it! The new classrooms were all fully furnished and some displays were going up which meant that the classrooms looked more homely and the school looked lived in!

There is still work to be done and furniture to move into the correct places but the school is up and running and we are delighted with it!

Monday 12th September will see our first 30 reception children starting and Mrs Light and Miss Barnett and their trusty team of Teaching Assistants have worked hard all week to get their brand new reception area ready.

The two classrooms look wonderful and we are sure our newest pupils will love their new surroundings!

  • Hazel Class with a science lesson!

  • Maple thinking hard!

  • The new staircase!

  • Chestnut enjoying their new surroundings

  • Busy thinking!

  • Willow concentrating in a Maths lesson!

  • New classroom pegs!

  • The MUGA looks great from up here!

  • Cherry enjoying their history in their new classroom!

  • We are loving the cloakroom areas in the classroom!

  • Mrs Hall has her room ready for group work!

  • Mrs Hall has prepared a French classroom!

  • The reception classrooms have both got a touchscreen TV

  • The role play corner is all ready!

  • The cooking area is ready for its first customers!

  • A lovely new reading corner!

  • Little toilets ready for little people!

  • Pine class engaged with Show and Tell!