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Friday 26th April 2019
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17 Aug 2016

What have they done to my school?

After 3 weeks away from school I was amazed when I pulled into the car park – well I think it was the car park, to see what had been going on. We have been having monthly site meetings and this was just our regular meeting but there was so much for me to see!

Many people have stopped me in Hitchin to say ‘will it be finished?’ ‘There’s not much happening!’ Well let me reassure you, there is lots happening and as the site manager said to me ‘It has to be finished’ and it does!

The car park will extend round to the back of the kitchen and the side of the hall and I am amazed at the amount of space that has been ‘found’ Hopefully there will be plenty of room for all staff to park on site!

The builders are all working extremely hard – there were 95 of them on site yesterday! Inside the existing build it is ‘all change!’ The 2 offices have been made into one, and the staffroom has been gutted to make it into a new Head’s office. The biggest change is the dining room. The ICT suite has gone, as have 2 of the walls and the whole area has opened up. The hall is expanding and work has started to put in a lift down to the hall. The library has become a toilet block with a small book bay next to it. And finally the old Class 4/5 is no longer and work has started to turn it into a staffroom.

We then went over to the new block where work is also progressing well. Upstairs there is more painting happening and flooring going in. Downstairs they are working on electrics and the infra-structure. Now that the windows are all in and the cladding is being done, the scaffolding will be down within the next week.

I return to school on 30th August when work will still be continuing but the staff will have access and we are starting to move in.

I am confident the classrooms will all be ready for the 7th September, there will still be some work continuing, but nothing to impede the running of the school!


  • This is at the side of the old staffroom!

  • Everyone kitted out properly!

  • New Head's Office!

  • Two offices into one!

  • Can you see where this is?

  • It's the dining room all opened up!

  • This is the new book bay!

  • Look at the hall!

  • This is where the lift will be!

  • This is the new staffroom!

  • This will be a computer area in the staffroom!

  • Isn't the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) big?!

  • The New Build from the reception playground!

  • Ready for the cladding to go on!

  • Where have the steps to the middle playground gone?

  • Into Oak Classroom!

  • The kitchen area between both reception classrooms

  • Oak classroom from the other side!

  • The new Beech class

  • The new ICT suite

  • The new roof going up over the old ICT suite!

  • The Activity Studio is very light and bright!

  • The new Willow classroom!

  • The group room between the two Year 5 classrooms

  • The feature wall at the top of the stairs!

  • The hall has no windows!