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Friday 26th April 2019
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20 Jun 2016

We have a complete building!

We have a complete building!

As I sit here and write this the crane has left the site and all modules are in!

The last week has been incredible, the building grew and grew as more modules were delivered and our new block has really taken shape. Initially it looked like replacement mobiles but as more modules came in it looked more substantial and today we caught glimpses of staircases and doorways.

The module delivery went relatively smoothly, only one low loader got stuck in the mud and by all accounts, Willmott Dixon are very pleased with how it has all gone.

Whilst the module delivery was happening, lots of work was going on elsewhere. The foundations have been dug for the hall extension and the pipework for the new gas meter cupboard has been worked on in the reception playground.

Now that the modules are in, work will start on the external cladding of the new build and more internal works.

It is great to be able to see a building site becoming a building and we can start to believe that everything will be ready for us at the end of August!

  • The modules were coming in very quickly.

  • It was amazing to watch them 'fly' in!

  • Getting ready to land!

  • We could see reception area taking shape!

  • It really is very tall!

  • Meanwhile the Soak away was being filled in!

  • Another one coming in to land!

  • Getting close to our existing building now!

  • It's looking more like a building now!

  • This is the last module arriving on site

  • The last one is in the air above us.

  • You can see the stairwell!

  • The last one being lowered!

  • Almost there!

  • Just checking it is in the right position!