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Monday 20th January 2020
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'The William Ransom School aims to provide all its pupils with the highest possible educational opportunities. We believe that the best education is the entitlement of every child and this is realised at this School within a structured, disciplined, caring and safe environment where expectations are high.'

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  10 Feb 2013
Football League Update
Here are the revised League positions for the two leagues including all fixtures up to 8th February. more>>
  2 Feb 2013
Wix Cup Updates
We are at the semi-final stage of the Wix Cup cometitions. more>>
  30 Dec 2012
League Update
The schools taking part in the league this season have been placed in one of two groups. Here are the league positions as of the Christmas break. more>>
  30 Dec 2012
Now that the new William Ransom website is up and running, it means we will now be able to get the updates from the District Football on the website again. more>>