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Monday 23rd September 2019
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'The William Ransom School aims to provide all its pupils with the highest possible educational opportunities. We believe that the best education is the entitlement of every child and this is realised at this School within a structured, disciplined, caring and safe environment where expectations are high.'

Extra Curricular
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  21 Jul 2019
The William Ransom Orbit
Anything Can Happen if you Let It! That is the message Mary Poppins gives us at the end of our summer show this year and I like to think this is the message we give everyone in school. more>>
  5 Jun 2019
Let's Get Cooking Chicken & Chorizo Paella and Scones
Another amazing week with delicious recipes to enjoy. more>>
  14 May 2019
Let's Get Cooking Fajitas and Lemon & Raspberry Muffins
With the sun shining and summer on its way, our recipes matched the mood of sunny and light. more>>
  1 May 2019
Let's Get Cooking... Chinese Stirfry Vegetables and Savoury Flapjack
This term, a group of Year 4 children from Willow are perfecting their culinary skills. more>>
  4 Apr 2019
The William Ransom Orbit
It is lovely that at last the weather is starting to warm up and there are some definite signs of spring! more>>
  7 Mar 2019
Recycled Fashion Club
Displaying the wonderful outfits they had created, our fledging designers glided down the catwalk on Saturday 2nd March at St Christopher's School. more>>
  28 Jan 2019
Let's Get Cooking!
During the Autumn Term, we had another successful Let's Get Cooking Club. more>>
  22 Dec 2018
The William Ransom Orbit
I’m a Head teacher - Get Me Out Of Here! Goodness me, what an exciting term we have had! more>>
  21 Jul 2018
The William Ransom Orbit
I can't remember a summer term when we have had such a lovely long spell of good weather, it does make the time pass so much quicker. more>>
  5 Jun 2018
Let's Get Cooking!
We've had two groups of amazing cooks from Year 4 (Willow Class) this year who have all learnt knife skills, tried new things and demonstrated their competency in cooking. more>>