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Wednesday 19th June 2019
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Class Work - Willow - 2018-2019
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  19 Jun 2019
Beautiful batik art from Willow Class
During our recent 'Art Days', Willow Class had a go exploring the technique of batik dying to create some fabulous art in the style of Friedrich Hundertwasser. more>>
  19 Jun 2019
Sustainability assembly from Willow Class
Willow Class shared their knowledge about sustainability with the rest of the school today. more>>
  17 May 2019
Hip Hop Hooray! - Willow Rap Stars
This week Willow wrote and performed their own raps in the style of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. more>>
  13 May 2019
Good deeds for ActionAid UK
Over the Easter break, the children in Willow Class were busy raising money to support our sponsored child in Nepal through ActionAid. more>>
  2 May 2019
Willow explores Mars
Willow Class had a fantastic trip to the Airbus Discovery Space Centre in Stevenage today! more>>
  4 Apr 2019
Glue Guns at the Ready!
Today was DT day in Willow Class and we explored the rainforests of the world to discover amazing junk bugs. more>>
  20 Mar 2019
Willow’s Adele tribute
Willow wanted to give their red noses the opportunity to experience a music lesson! more>>
  13 Mar 2019
Forensic Science Workshop
As part of our science week activities, Willow Class took part in a forensic workshop. more>>
  1 Mar 2019
Bringing Kensuke's Kingdom to Life
Willow Class (along with the rest of KS2) were treated to a masterclass in performing arts when a West End performer taught them a dance to represent the classic Morpurgo book's storyline. more>>
  8 Feb 2019
Who's the brightest?
Groups of children from Willow Class presented to the board of a football company about the best material to use in the wiring of new floodlights. more>>
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