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Friday 15th February 2019
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Class Work - Beech - 2016-2017
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  4 Jul 2017
Pizza Perfect!
Today Beech Class received a pizza making master class at Pizza Express in Hitchin. more>>
  27 Jun 2017
Pizza, Pizza, Get Your Pitta Pizza Here!
Not content with making their own pitta pizzas, Beech Class also made the pizza boxes! more>>
  6 Jun 2017
Beech class trip to Affinity Water
Gale force winds, unseasonably low June (ha ha) temperatures and horizontal driving rain did not stop Beech class having a great and educational day at Affinity Water in Bushey. more>>
  23 May 2017
Watching chocolate melt!
Beech Class wanted to see how a solid reacts to temperature in science this week, so we melted chocolate! more>>
  23 May 2017
Running for Compassion
Beech Class ran 500m for Compassion this week. more>>
  16 May 2017
Gas has mass!
What could possibly go wrong? 26 children, 18 bottles of fizzy drink and the aim of the science experiment to shake out the bubbles! more>>
  11 May 2017
Beech Class visit Verulamium Museum and Welwyn Roman Baths
As part of our History unit of work on the Romans, Beech Class went to Verulamium Museum in St Albans. more>>
  28 Mar 2017
Penguin Parade
To finish off our topic about Antarctica, we made penguin Easter eggs. more>>
  27 Mar 2017
Let there be light!
Over the past few weeks, Beech class has been making head lamps and lanterns in Design Technology. more>>
  12 Feb 2017
Beech - Half Term Science Homework
Many scientists have over the years contributed to our understanding of electricity. more>>
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